A strong link that connects partners and customers for better health

Everything we do, together with our customers and partners, strives for the same ultimate goal – faster, more accessible and better health for all. In the chain towards better health, we are an important link.

For more than thirty years, we have represented some of the world’s largest manufacturers of packaging and other products for the pharmaceutical industry, whose innovative solutions mean a healthier life for millions of people around the world.

We are a strong and reliable partner with many years of experience in market analysis, finding new customers, product marketing, ensuring the interests of customers and principals, and distribution of primary packaging for pharmaceutical and dietary supplements in the Balkan region.

Together we create a healthier future

We connect foreign manufacturers and customers in the field of Rx and DS primary packaging with reliable and valuable information at the right time, in order to create a healthier future together.

The basis of our business are strong and long-term relationships that we build through daily meetings with partners and customers and by carefully listening to their needs and desires.
It is important for us to be guided in our business by the highest quality standards ISO 9001: 2015, which serve as the foundation for our quality policy.
We care about social responsibility, by supporting the work of Red Noses organisation (Clown Doctors) and the International Institute of Natural Health and by recycling and reducing paper use.

Our team

Jasna Kosanović, Director

Jasna represents exceptional knowledge, expertise, and more than thirty years of experience in creating strong long-term relationships between suppliers, customers and business partners. Her inexhaustible energy is evident every day – in making contacts and presenting the principal’s products to existing and potential customers. Jasna is one of the key people who ensured that products of innovative worldwide manufacturers in the Rx and DS of primary packaging field come and find their place in Croatia’s and the wider region markets. After more than thirty years as a director at Agitrade d.o.o. she now leads Amacreo together with Sanja. Jasna is a proud grandmother of Vito, Lucia, Mila and Elin and when not working, she relaxes by taking walks along the seaside.

Sanja Obućina, Director

Sanja is the driving force behind Amacreo. Smiling, full of energy and always on the move, which reflects to her work life as well. Her vision of creating strong long-term relationships between customers and partners, aimed at ensuring faster, better, and more affordable health, is strongly woven into the entire business. After being the sales director at Agitrade for ten years, she founded and leads Amacreo together with Jasna. Sanja encourages her team to constantly listen to the wishes of customers and principals, monitor the market and key trends within the industry and act proactively, all to create added value for partners. She is the mother of curious boy Vito and happy girl Mila has an eye for detail, which is especially evident in her hobby – photography.

Matea Brzić, Sales Manager

Matea is professional, proactive, and very detailed in her approach, in order to provide accurate, reliable and valuable information at the right time and offer the best solutions for suppliers and customers. Her experience in analysing the market, contacting customers, and defining their needs, as well as monitoring and supporting various pharmaceutical projects, results in creating honest, long-term relationships and a strong position of our suppliers in the market. Matea is also the mother of the lovely little girl Gita and living proof that everything can be achieved and done successfully, if you love what you do.

Tihana Biuk, Sales Associate

Tihana is an important link in everyday communication with our suppliers, customers, business partners and regulatory bodies. From the first inquiry to the delivery of products, Tihana provides support at every stage, thus enabling fast and efficient flow of information, making it easier for our customers and suppliers to make important business decisions. She is the mother of teenager Sonja, a consumer of large quantities of books, comics and movies, and a passionate advocate of benefits of good skin care.

Gabriela Pleskalt, Junior Sales Associate

Gabriela approaches work proactively, responsibly, fully motivated and with special attention, and provides customers and suppliers with accurate and timely information and solutions. Her dedicated work and experience in communicating with customers in different markets contributes to identifying needs and providing support in the implementation of orders and projects, resulting in the creation of quality connections and long-term relationships between customers and suppliers. In her free time, in addition to helping her parents on the family farm, she enjoys photography and likes to spend time in nature and engage in various activities.