Socially responsible business is one of the main foundations of Amacreo, and an organization that is especially dear to our hearts is Red Noses – Clown Doctors. You will find the reason if you read the experience of their users and manage not to shed a tear:

My daughter Irina remembers all the encounters with clown doctors during her treatment at the hospital. One of them remains especially precious to us today. It happened near the end of Irina’s treatment, when the situation became very difficult. We woke up on a day when Irina’s answer to everything was “no”. She had had enough. Unhappy and exhausted, she had already spent too long in the hospital, far from home, without friends. The only thing she hoped for was going home to a safe and familiar environment with her family. Then the clown doctors, whom we already knew well, knocked on the door of the hospital room.

We invited them in, and I stood aside and watched the magic begin to unfold.

Two clowns started a story about a magical bird that changed everything for Irina and our family. She started to open up. A bad day full of tears ended with a big smile that the clowns managed to elicit. It was a special smile, one from ear to ear. To me, it is still her most precious smile ever, because it came at the moment when she needed it the most, when it was the hardest for all of us. It has been etched in my memory forever, and Irina still remembers the magical bird of the clown doctor, which she still likes to talk about today,” said Irina’s mother Nataša.