Geratherm is presenting expansion of their portfolio with a nebulizer for treatment of respiratory tract diseases. It is small, transportable, lightweight and quiet in use. It also offers a wide range of accessories: adult and child mask, inhalation mouthpiece, AC adapter and storage bag. It is clinically tested with a 2-year guarantee.

Nebulizer works on principle of compressor technology, which means that the compressor forces air to the nebulizer. When the air enters the nebulizer, it converts the prescribed medication into an aerosol of microscopic droplets that can easily be inhaled. The inhaler is suitable for home use. It is also appropriate for adults and children.

Main field of application of nebulizer are lung and respiratory tract diseases, chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, mucoviscidosis and COPD, sinus infections and allergies, coughing and sneezing