Redesigned Geratherm ovu control – saliva-based ovulation test is back and it comes with the latest clinical study from 2021. which has confirmed the principle and reliability of the product results.

Ovu control is a saliva based test which is more convenient to use than urinary test and it has unlimited usage. It is ideal for couples who want to have children, but also for those who practice natural family planning methods.

Use ovu control daily and get to know your menstrual cycle and body better. To do this, put drop of saliva to the lens of the device and let it dry for about 15 minutes. When the saliva has completely dried, you can use the mini-microscope to evaluate the structure of the salt crystals. During the fertile days you can detect a fern structure formed by the salts. The reason for the change in composition of the of saliva is dramatic increase in the level of estrogen before ovulation.