The Nebula® Multimode Reader brings absorbance and fluorescence technology together in one easy-to-use instrument. This 96-well microplate reader allows users to utilize traditional LAL assays and recombinant Factor C technology such as the PYROGENT® 5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay, the Kinetic-QCL® Kinetic Chromogenic Assay, and the PyroGene® rFC Assay. The Nebula® Multimode Reader is optimized for all of Lonza’s quantitative endotoxin detection assays, bringing new and improved technology to the laboratory.

The Nebula® Multimode Reader is a part of the quantitative endotoxin detection system that supports both absorbance and fluorescent based endotoxin detection assays. Optimized specifically for Lonza’s quantitative endotoxin detection assays, this reader has an excitation monochromator optimized for wavelength accuracy and precision, ensuring excellent performance for every absorbance and fluorescence assay. By combining two detection methods in one reader, the reader footprint is reduced, mainteainance is simplified, and laboratory efficiency is increased. Controlled by Lonza’s WinKQCL® Endotoxin and Analysis Software, version 6.3 and higher, Lonza delivers a high- performance and easy-to-use system for users interested in multiple endotoxin detection assays. On-site service and preventative maintenance contracts help ensure that your instrument is working properly. Lonza’s expertly trained service professionals will provide installation, qualification and preventative maintenance to keep your reader qualified and functional.

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